Spotlight on the Artist: Performer Haley Methner

For every production, we spotlight one of the hardworking artists who is helping to bring it to life. For 9 to 5 The Musical, we are spotlighting performer Haley Methner, who plays Doralee Rhodes.

Howdy! My name is Haley Methner, and I have the tremendous honor of playing Doralee in 9 to 5! I’m a nature lover, a songwriter, video game enthusiast, an Aries, and a proud Minnesotan. I can make a mean latte too, with the little designs and everything.

Theater found me the same way it found many others, at a Summer camp. I discovered my voice in the school choir, my drive from admiring my mentors, and my courage from the beautiful and ceaseless support of my family.

I began college at the University of MN, Duluth (Go Dogs!) as a business major. Surprise, it didn’t stick! The choice to pursue your passion as a career is never an easy one, but my soul decided for me. I graduated with a BA in Theatre with a minor in Dance Studies. Since then I have taken part in twelve professional productions; most of them being with Duluth Playhouse.

Graduating in 2020 was a major trial in adaptability. The world of live entertainment fell on its head. Theaters shut down, audition formats changed, and paying opportunities became scarce. That’s why I am so thankful for all of you supporting this beautiful theater by being here today. Live theatre is important. The exchange of energy between the artists and the audience is a special kind of magic you’ll seldom find anyplace else.

It’s surreal finding myself back in Duluth after moving to the Twin Cities two years ago. I’ve called Duluth home for seven incredible years. I’ve missed the lake, the art, the bars, the music, the creative and eccentric people I’ve had the privilege to call my friends, and so much more. It is an honor to be here working with Duluth Playhouse again. Fun-fact, I played Doralee in high school and one of my biggest dreams was to play her again as an adult. Someone pinch me, please!

As for the future? I simply plan to keep moving forward, better myself, find the things that feed my soul, and see what happens! I don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! Sending you all love and light!