BOLD-choice Theatre's Sundown on the Jasper County Jewel

We are thrilled to collaborate with BOLD-choice Theatre on Sundown on the Jasper County Jewel, the company’s first foray into musical theatre. The original musical plays ONE NIGHT ONLY on January 6th at 6:30pm at the NorShor Theatre.

Jasper County once had the most illustrious Honky Tonk venue in all the country – but years of wear and changing times have put “The Jewel” on the verge of ruin. Through original songs and music, storytelling, and reflection, BOLD-choice tells the fictional story of the once-famed Country Western Theatre.  

When a traveling band finds themselves booked to play what appears to be a run-down shell of a theatre, an eccentric owner takes them through a historic retelling of the venue’s past with tales of the famed legends that performed on The Jewel’s stage.

For tickets, call 218.733.7555 or click here.