Show your love of the Playhouse at the NorShor by naming the seat of your choice. Take-A-Seat gifts contribute to the preservation and vibrancy of the NorShor Theatre by supporting the upkeep of our beloved theatre. Your gift of $1,000 will engrave the seat of your choice in your honor. 

Take-A-Seat is the perfect way to: 

  • Pay Tribute to your years of enjoyment at the Playhouse
  • Give a unique gift
  • Honor a loved one
  • Commemorate a special occasion
  • Celebrate the arrival of a child or grandchild
  • Share a favorite quotation

Be part of your beloved NorShor Theatre. Take-A-Seat and play a leading role in making magic happen at the Playhouse! Your gift is 100% tax deductible. Once you make your donation, you will receive an email receipt. Please keep this for your tax records. We will contact you for instructions on the language for your seat plaque.

Will the seat I name become my seat for actual performances?

Not automatically. This campaign is a naming opportunity only and does not guarantee seat assignments for performances or events. Tickets must be purchased separately. When you purchase performance tickets, you may request your named seat, but we cannot guarantee your named seat will be available.

What do I receive when I make a gift in the designated amount to the Take-a-Seat campaign?

Each gift is commemorated with a personalized nameplate with the text of your choice. Seat names are in effect for up to ten years or the life of the seats. At the end of this term, you will have the first right of refusal to renew your seat.

What will be on my nameplate?

You can choose the content of your nameplate. Each seat plaque can contain up to two lines of text. We reserve the right to reject any seat name if the proposed text contains unacceptable language.

Where will the nameplate be placed on the seat?

The nameplate will be placed on the back of the seat.

What if my employer has matching gifts?

Matching gifts must be received before the nameplate can be made. We encourage you to talk to your employer about their matching gift policy.

What if my friends and I want to go in together to purchase a seat?

You are more than welcome to work together to purchase one or more seat plaques. All gifts must be received before the nameplate will be made.

Take-A-Seat at the NorShor
Take-A-Seat at the NorShor